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The Banbury Kneader is a professional multi-functional mixing machine for the rubber and plastic processing industry, named after an American inventor, Fernley H. Banbury, the recipient of the patent. The Banbury Kneader is commonly used in the production of a variety of rubber and plastic product moulding parts, such as tyres, seals, hoses, gaskets, etc. The machine can effectively achieve high quality, homogeneous mixing and dispersing of materials, and therefore plays an important role in the mixing and processing of rubber and plastic materials. The equipment can effectively achieve high-quality, homogeneous mixing and dispersion of materials, and therefore plays an important role in the mixing and processing of rubber and plastic materials.

Banbury Kneader for Efficient Rubber Processing


Items LX-75L LX-100L LX-120L LX-160L LX-190L LX-255L
Total chamber volume/(L) 75 100 120 160 190 255
Useful chamber volume (L) 50 80 100 120 140 115
The main rotor speed(rpm) 40 40 40 40 40 4-40/6-60
The rotor speed ratio 01:01.2 01:01.2 01:01.2 01:01.2 01:01.2 01:01.2
Max capacity (T/H) 1.25 1.6 1.95 2.64 2.85 4.6
Motor power (KW) 160 220 310 355 870 1500
Weight(T) 20 24 26 26 30 55

Principle of operation

One of the most important components of the Banbury Kneader is the mixing chamber made of heavy-duty material, which is cylindrical in shape and is equipped with a pair of spiralling rotors rotating in opposite directions, so that the material is efficiently mixed as it is forced to pass through the narrow gaps between the rotors.

The kneader is equipped with a cooling and heating system to precisely control the temperature of the mixing chamber and prevent the rubber compound from overheating. It is also equipped with sensors and control systems to monitor temperature, pressure and other parameters to ensure that the material achieves the desired dispersion.

After mixing, the final mixture is discharged from the mixing chamber at an inclination of 140 degrees.

High-Quality Banbury Kneader Equipment

Difference between Banbury and Dispersion

Although they are both kneaders, there are some key differences in design, operation and application between the Dispersion Kneader and the Banbury Kneader:

Mixing Principle

The Dispersion kneader is primarily used for the uniform dispersion and mixing of various additives, fillers and colours in rubber compounds.

The Banbury kneader, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose kneader that plasticises and homogenises rubber or plastic materials while thoroughly mixing and dispersing them with various additives.

Rotor design

While the Dispersion kneader uses a single Sigma rotor that rotates in a single direction, the Banbury kneader uses a pair of closely meshed rotors that rotate in opposite directions, making it suitable for stronger kneading and shearing requirements.

Mixing Time

Dispersion kneaders typically require longer mixing times to achieve uniform dispersion. Banbury kneaders, on the other hand, are generally more efficient and take less time to mix due to their intensive mixing and kneading action.

Heat generation and control

Dispersion kneaders generate heat primarily through the mechanical forces applied to the material during the mixing process. The Banbury kneader generates more heat through intense mixing and kneading. It has a more advanced temperature control system and better heating and cooling capabilities.


Dispersion kneaders are mainly used in industries where precise dispersion of additives and fillers is critical, such as tyres, seals, etc. The Banbury kneader is more versatile.

The Banbury kneader is more versatile and focuses more on achieving consistency in plasticisation and the resulting compounds. It is more commonly used in plastics and adhesives.

Banbury Kneader-Rubber Kneader Machine

Application Industries

Banbury Kneader is widely used in the rubber and plastic processing industry:

Rubber compounding: This equipment is used to compound rubber materials with various additives such as tyres, conveyor belts, seals etc.

Plastic compounding: The equipment is used to mix and compound plastic resins, additives and fillers to produce plastic compounds such as automotive parts, industrial plastics, etc.

Masterbatch production: the equipment is used for the production of pigments and additives concentrated mixture of masterbatch, used to colour and enhance the performance of rubber and plastic products.

Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturing: The equipment is used to mix adhesives and sealants to ensure that the components are evenly dispersed.

Tyre manufacturing: tyres made from rubber compounds blended on this equipment can be greatly optimised for resistance to wear, adhesion and other properties.

Elastomers: The equipment can be used, for example, to mix silicone rubber or other high-performance rubber materials.

Footwear manufacturing: The equipment is used to produce rubber compounds for various rubber shoe soles.

Advantages of our products

High quality material:Our kneader, rotor is made of 42CrMo material with chrome-plated surface and HRC52 surface hardness; the mixing chamber is made of cast steel or aluminium alloy with chrome-plated and polished interior, and the working surface is coated with hard chrome, which is super durable, solid and reliable.

Leading technology: our kneader adopts the most advanced technology and production process to ensure efficient performance and help reduce maintenance and repair costs.

High production efficiency: our kneading machine has high efficient kneading and mixing capacity, with output 6-8 times higher than ordinary presses under the same power level, capable of handling large quantities of rubber raw materials with high production efficiency and adapted to mass production.

Energy saving and environmental protection: our equipment adopts energy-saving design, focuses on environmental protection, reduces energy consumption and waste emissions, greatly reduces operating costs, and meets the industry’s environmental requirements.

High safety performance: our kneading machine is equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as emergency stop button, safety valves, temperature and pressure control, etc., to ensure that the equipment is in normal working condition at the same time, once there is any problem can be stopped in a timely manner to prevent accidents.

Product customisation service: We have a professional design and production team, customers can come to us for customisation, at the same time, our team can also tailor-make a set of perfect production plan according to customer’s needs.

Worry-free after-sales service: We have a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service and support, including training, spare parts supply, maintenance services, etc., to ensure that customers get a satisfactory experience after purchase.


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