Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Transform waste tires into valuable resources with Crowns Machinery’s Waste Tire Recycling Machine. Eco-friendly, efficient, and paving the way for a sustainable future in tire recycling.As a manufacturer & supplier of rubber machinery, we will provide you with the best price for tyre recycling equipment.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine For Sale

Waste Tire Recycling Machine is specially designed to process waste tyres and reuse them, they are used as raw materials to produce various rubber products by crushing the waste tyres into granule size or powder to meet the production requirements, so as to turn the waste into treasure, achieve the recycling of waste tyres, save energy and reduce the production cost.

Waste tyre recycling machines include: Tire Cutting System, Tire Shredder, Tire Crusher, Magnetic Separator, Fiber Separator, Fine Grinder System and so on. The combination and use of these recycling machines not only helps to reduce waste generation but also helps to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly products and materials in various industries.

Fiber separator-Waste Tire Recycling Machine
Tire Steel Wire Separator-tyre recycling machine

tyre recycling machine Workflow

Waste tire recycling machinery is designed to process waste tires and convert them into valuable products, in which waste tires are crushed into powder in the following workflow:

Tire Cutting System: First of all waste tires can be cut into 3-8cm rubber blocks by a semi-automatic tire cutting system including a tread cutter, wire separator, tire chunking machine, tire slitting machine, etc..

Tire Shredder: At the same time waste tires can also be optionally cut into 3-8cm rubber blocks using the fully automatic and more efficient Tire Shredder.

Tire Crusher: This machine can further crush the above-cut rubber pieces into rubber granules or powder.

Magnetic Separator: This machine removes steel wires from rubber granules or powder.

Fiber Separator: This machine separates the nylon fibers from the rubber granules or powder.

Fine Grinder System: Through this fine grinder system, the rubber granules or powder can be crushed into 60 mesh, 80 mesh, and other finer powders, which can be used as raw materials for the production of rubber products.

Tire Block Cutter-tire recycling machine for sale
Tire Shredder-tire shredder for sale

tire recycling equipment Application

Rubber products: The recycled rubber produced by the waste tire recycling machinery can be used to manufacture various rubber products, rubber sheets, rubber mats, belts, and so on.

Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF):Tyres are processed into very small particles through waste tire processing machinery, which can be used as fuel in industrial facilities.

Rubber asphalt: Rubber finely ground by waste tire recycling machinery can be used as a modifier in asphalt to create rubber asphalt.

Rubber mulch for sports grounds: Recycled rubber from tires can be used to manufacture shock-absorbing cushioning materials such as rubber flooring and mulch for sports grounds and playgrounds.

Building materials: Crumb rubber processed by waste tire recycling machinery can be mixed with concrete to make various building materials.

Wire Drawing Pushing Machine-Accessories for tyre recycling equipment
Tire Crusher-Accessories for tyre recycling equipment

Customer support and after-sales service

All our products provide customers with the following services to ensure that customers have no worries after sale.

Training service: provide training on the use and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Remote technical support: provide telephone, video conferencing and other remote technical support for customers to solve the problems encountered in the use of equipment.

Spare parts supply: provide original spare parts, in order to replace damaged parts in time when necessary.

Equipment upgrading and improvement: provide equipment technology upgrading and improvement services to ensure that the equipment always keep up with the latest technological development.

24-hour online consulting service:at any time for customers to solve after-sales problems.

Tyre recycling equipment Ring Cutter--Crowns Machinery

Advantages of our products

Factory direct sales: we are the direct production factory of waste tire recycling equipment, with advanced production equipment to ensure our production capacity, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure reliable product quality, and preferential prices.

Strict quality control: we have a rigorous quality management system and advanced quality testing equipment, as well as professional quality inspectors, to ensure that the quality of production from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product, each production link is strictly controlled, and truly zero problem delivery.

Professional team, support for customisation: We can tailor-make a set of satisfactory production solutions for you according to your work requirements through our professional design and production team.

Qualification certificate: We have obtained various qualification certificates, such as ISO quality management system certification, CE marking, safety certification, etc. Whether it is the production conditions or the quality of production, we have passed all levels of certification, which is strictly in line with the requirements of the industry and responds to the call of the industry.


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