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Column Rubber Vulcanizing Press is a type of rubber vulcanizing press, that is mainly used in the rubber and tire manufacturing industry to improve mechanical properties such as strength, elasticity, and durability by cross-linking the polymer chains in the material through the vulcanization of the rubber compound through a chemical reaction.

Cylindrical rubber vulcanizing presses usually consist of vertical columns and horizontal platens and molds with a wide range of functions and capabilities. Depending on the type of product to be vulcanized and the production capacity required, the Cylindrical Vulcanizing Machine is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Column Rubber Vulcanizing Press-Crowns Machinery


Model 350x350x2 400x400x2 500x500x2 600x600x2 750x850x2 600x600x2
Nominal Mold Clamping Force(MN) 0.25 0.5 0.8 1 1.6 2
Heating Platen Size(mm) 350x350 400x400 500x500 600x600 750x850 600x600
Working Layer 2 2 2 2 2 2
Piston Diameter(mm) ø150 ø200 ø250 ø300 ø360 ø400
Piston Stroke(mm) 250 250 250 250 500 300
Platen Space(mm) 125 125 125 125 250 150
Unit Area Pressure(Mpa) 2.1 3.1 3.2 2.78 2.5 5.6
Main Motor Power(KW) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3.0 3.0
Dimension(L×W×H)mm 1500x400x1350 1800x500x1600 1800x550x1700 2000x700x1700 2000x1000x1900 2550x960x2100
Weight(KG) 500 950 1800 2300 3800 4800
Mold Closing Speed(mm/s) ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12
Mold Opening Speed(mm/s) ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12 ≥12

Working Principle and Steps

The working principle of column type of rubber vulcanizing machine is to heat the rubber products and then push them to vulcanise under the condition of maintaining a certain temperature and pressure, which is explained as follows:

Charging and loading mold: In the first step of vulcanization, the rubber product or mixture to be vulcanized needs to be placed in the mold of the vulcanizing machine at first.

Heating and pressure application: The vulcanizing machine heats the rubber products or mixtures in the molds to a set temperature using a heating system, and at the same time applies a certain amount of pressure using a hydraulic system, which helps the rubber materials to mix and react evenly with the vulcanizing machine.

Vulcanization reaction: The chemical reaction of cross-linking of rubber molecules occurs between the vulcanizing agent and the vulcanized rubber products at high temperature and pressure, to achieve the purpose of improving the hardness, abrasion resistance, and other properties of the rubber products.

Cooling and curing: When the vulcanization reaction is completed, the vulcanizing machine starts the cooling system to cool the vulcanized rubber products, to cure their shape and structure.

Mold opening: Finally, the mold will be opened automatically after the vulcanization is completed, and the rubber products can be taken out for subsequent processing.

Structural components & features

Column design: the upper platen is movable and the lower platen is fixed for efficient placement and removal of moulds and rubber materials.

Platen: The size and shape of the platen varies according to the specific application, from flat and smooth surfaces to special configurations to suit different types of moulds.

Timer and control panel: the equipment is equipped with a timer and a control panel for setting and regulating the duration of the vulcanizaton process, the temperature and the pressure.

Hydraulic system: This system is used to apply pressure to the heating plates, compressing the material between them. The amount of pressure can be adjusted and controlled according to the needs of the vulcanization process.

Heating system: This system can be electric, steam or thermal oil to raise the temperature of the plates. The temperature and heating time can also be adjusted and controlled according to the actual requirements of the vulcanization process.

Precision Column Vulcanizer for Rubber Manufacturing Process

Rubber Vulcanizing Press advantages

High-quality material: The heating plate is made of high-quality carbon steel Q-235, and the body casting is made of FCD50 ductile cast iron. The sealing part is made of high-quality polyurethane, not ordinary rubber seals. As well as the main parts of the hydraulic system are from our famous brands.

Advanced production technology: We have a professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure the quality of our products under the auspices of our advanced production technology.

High safety performance: our plate vulcanizing machine is equipped with various safety devices, such as an emergency stop button, safety valve, temperature, and pressure control, etc., to ensure the normal working condition of the equipment at the same time, once there is any problem, it can be stopped in time, placing the accident.

High production efficiency: the plate vulcanizing machine has a large vulcanizing area, can handle multiple rubber products at the same time, has high production efficiency, and strong production capacity, adapted to the needs of large-scale or mass production.

Products can be customized: we have a professional design and production team, and customers can come to the drawing to customize, at the same time, our team can also according to customer needs, tailor-made the customer a set of perfect production solutions.

Industrial Rubber Vulcanizing Machine for High-Quality Products


Cylindrical rubber vulcanizing machine has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of various rubber products and the treatment of various elastic materials:

Rubber products production: Column rubber vulcanizing machine can be used to manufacture rubber seals, rubber bands, rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, and other rubber products.

Rubber flooring manufacturing: A column rubber vulcanizing machine is used to manufacture various commercial or residential rubber tiles.

Tyre Manufacturing: Cylindrical Rubber Vulcanizing Machine is used for vulcanizing different parts of molded tires to improve tires’ wear resistance, etc.

Plastic vulcanizaton: Column Rubber Vulcanizing Machines can be used to vulcanize rubber and plastic materials to enhance and improve their properties.

Silicone rubber vulcanizing: A column rubber vulcanizing machine is used to manufacture gaskets, seals, and other silicone rubber products that can be used at high temperatures.

Rubber vibration isolation device: Column rubber vulcanizing machines can also be used in machinery and the construction industry to manufacture vibration isolation devices to reduce vibration transmission.


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