Automatic Tire Recycling Machine

Explore Crowns Machinery’s Automatic Tire Recycling Machine – a cutting-edge solution for eco-friendly tire disposal. Our advanced technology ensures efficient shredding and recycling, contributing to a sustainable future.

Automatic Tire Recycling Machine

The Automatic Tire Recycling Machine is an integrated processing system that combines a variety of equipment and processes, where different machines are responsible for handling the different stages of the tyre recycling process, ultimately transforming waste tyres into valuable materials and products. The line achieves high efficiency and automation in the processing of waste tyres while minimising environmental pollution.

This waste tyre recycling line includes Tire Shredder, Tire crusher, Magnetic Separator, Fiber Separator, automation and control system. It is an ideal solution for waste tyre management, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Automatic Tire Recycling Machine schematic diagram


Model DT1000 DT1200 DT1500 DT1900 DT2600
Motor Power 30*2 Kw 75*2 Kw 90*2 Kw 110*2 Kw 160*2 Kw
Capacity 1-1.5 T/H 2-3 T/H 4-5 T/H 6-8 T/H 8-12 T/H
Blade Quantity 26 30 38 38 40
Blade Diameter Φ360 mm Φ372 mm Φ530 mm Φ560 mm Φ720 mm
Output Size 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm
Input Opening Size 1200*1000 mm 1400*1000 mm 2000*2000 mm 2300*2000 mm 2425*1400 mm
Dimension L/W/H 3500*2200*3500 mm 4600*2300*3500 mm 5100*2400*3500 mm 6500*2500*3500 mm 8200*4000*3500 mm
Weight 8.5 T 13 T 15 T 17.5 T 32 T

Working Principle

Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine, equipped with automation and control system, is used to detect and control the operation of each equipment to ensure the coordination of the whole recycling process. The workflow, from the treatment of waste tyres to the final recycled material, consists of a number of processes as follows:

Waste tyres are first transported to the feeding area of the recycling line.

Tyre shredding: the waste tyres are processed by the Tire Shredder and shredded into smaller pieces.

Re-shredding of tyres: the chunks are shredded again by the Tire Crusher and processed into smaller particles or powders.

Magnetic Separation: In order to ensure the purity of the recycled rubber material, the rubber granules or powder are processed through the Magnetic Separator to separate out the metal particles remaining in them.

Screening: The processed rubber granules are separated by vibrating screens according to the different sizes of the granules in order to be applied to different production needs.

Fibre Separation: Fibre materials etc. are separated from the rubber by the fibre separation equipment.

Packaging and storage: the processed rubber granules can be packaged and stored after quality control and testing of granule size and purity.

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features and advantages

The combined features of the fully automated waste tire recycling line optimize efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in the process of converting waste tires into valuable materials.

High production capacity: the automatic tire recycling line allows the efficient processing of large quantities of tires and is adapted to large-scale tire recycling operations.

Fully automated operation: the automation of the scrap tire line reduces the need for a lot of manual and physical labor, reducing production costs while increasing productivity.

Continuity of production: the fully automated recycling line has integrated interconnections between the various pieces of equipment and a seamless workflow, ensuring the continuity of the material through the various stages of processing.

Wide range of applications: the fully automated waste tire recycling line has a wide range of applications and can handle different sizes and types of tires through system adjustments and settings.

Safe and reliable: the production line is equipped with emergency stop and safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the operators and the working environment.

Energy saving and environmental protection: the automatic waste tire recycling line is equipped with a highly efficient motor and control system to minimize energy consumption.

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Application Fields

Rubber products: Recycled rubber produced by waste tyre recycling machinery can be used to manufacture various rubber products, rubber sheets, rubber mats, belts and so on.

Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF):Tyres are processed into very small particles through scrap tyre processing machinery and can be used as fuel in industrial facilities.

Rubber asphalt: Rubber finely ground by waste tyre recycling machinery can be used as a modifier in asphalt to create rubber asphalt.

Rubber mulch for sports grounds: Recycled rubber from tyres can be used to make shock-absorbing cushioning materials such as rubber flooring and mulch for sports grounds and playgrounds.

Construction materials: Crumb rubber processed by waste tyre recycling machinery can be mixed with concrete to make various construction materials.

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