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Enhance rubber curing precision with Crowns Machinery’s Rotocure Curing Press. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and reliable results for top-quality rubber products

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Rotocure Curing Press, also be called Drums Type Curing Press, is used for the continuous production of rubber sheets, rubber fabrics, coated fabrics, lightweight rubber conveyor belts, etc. It is an alternative to the traditional vulcanizing method, and is particularly suitable for large-scale mass production due to the continuity of its process. And the equipment can be adjusted by temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters to meet the production needs of different rubber products.

The main components of this equipment include infrared heating device, oil heating controller, unwinding and winding up device, electrical system and control cabinet.

Rubber Processing with Crowns Machinery's Rotocure


specification DLG800X1440 DLG1000X1640 DLG1500X1440 DLG1500X2000
Max products width                   (mm) 1200 1500 1200 1900
Max products thickness            (mm) 10 10 12 15
Curing roll dia.                          (mm) 800 1000 1500 1500
Curing roll length                      (mm) 1440 1440 1440 2000
Auxiliary roll dia.                       (mm) 550 550 1000 1000
Steel belt width                         (mm) 1580 1580 1650 1950
Steel belt length                        (mm) 7700 7700 9800 15450
Steel belt thickness                   (mm) 1.2 1.2 1.9 1.9
Steel belt pressure                  (MPa) 10 18 25 25
Vulcanization pressure            (MPa) ≤1 ≤1 ≤1 ≤1
Vulcanization time                     (min) 1-80 1-80 1-80 1-80
Curing roll line velocity          (m/min) 0.06-1.5 0.06-1.8 0.06-2.6 0.06-3.5
Vulcanization interval length       (m) 1.89 2.36 3.53 3.53
Main motor power                       (kw) 1.5 2.2 5 7.5

Working Principle

The process of vulcanizing rubber sheet of this equipment is continuous and efficient, the specific temperature, pressure and other parameters can be adjusted according to the product demand, and its working principle is decomposed as follows:

Feeding: the uncured rubber compound in sheet or roll form is fed into the equipment and then led to the continuously rotating drum.

Heating: The rubber sheet is heated through a series of internally heated rotating drums.

Vulcanization: The rubber sheet travels along the surface of the heated drum, where heat and pressure initiate a vulcanization reaction that cross-links the polymer chains in the rubber compound.

Cooling and Curing: The rubber sheet is then moved to the cooling section of the machine where it is cooled and cured to maintain its shape.

Cutting and packaging: The cured rubber sheet is cut to the required length for further processing or packaging.

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Main features and advantages

  • High production efficiency: the equipment is designed for high-speed mass production, with a high degree of automation, reducing the manual intervention of manpower, and running efficiently and stably.
  • Continuous operation: its continuity minimizes the variation of the vulcanization process, which can efficiently realize the mass production of rubber sheets.
  • Uniform vulcanization: under the precise control of temperature and pressure, the equipment can ensure final product quality and performance consistency.
  • Wide range of applications: the equipment can process different types of rubber compounds and manufacture various rubber products.
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: the equipment adopts an energy-saving design, which helps reduce the overall energy consumption during the vulcanization process.
  • Provide customized service: It can be specially customized according to the customer’s specific needs.
Durable Rotocure Curing Press for Industrial Use

Adaptation Field

This equipment is widely used in the rubber industry for continuous vulcanization of rubber sheets, which is used to manufacture various rubber products:

Conveyor belts: The production of conveyor belts is one of the main applications of this equipment, and continuous vulcanization ensures its strength and durability.

Rubber Coating: This equipment manufactures rubber coatings for fabrics or other materials to improve their weather resistance.

Rubber Sheets and Rolls: The equipment produces rubber sheets and rolls of consistent quality, which can be further processed for use in roofing materials, flooring, and more.

Flooring materials: such as rubber mats, rubber floor tiles, etc.

Automotive parts: The equipment can manufacture automotive rubber parts such as seals, gaskets, etc.


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