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Achieve unparalleled rubber moulding precision with Crowns Machinery’s vertical rubber injection machines. As a leading rubber machinery manufacturer. Our Vertical Rubber Injection Machine is at the forefront of innovation, offering unrivalled precision and efficiency.

Vertical Rubber Injection Machine For Sale

Vertical Rubber Injection Machine is a kind of equipment specially used for the production of rubber products, which is a kind of rubber injection machine. Compared with the horizontal rubber injection machine, the structural difference of the vertical injection machine is that the injection unit and the mould clamping unit are arranged vertically, and during the injection process, the injection unit opens upwards and the mould opens vertically. This equipment is more suitable for the production of some rubber products which need to fill complex moulds or have special shapes.

Vertical Rubber Injection Machine-Crowns Machinery


  Model Unit 100VI-FO 200VI-FO 300VI-FO 400VI-FO 600VI-FO
 Clamping Force Ton 100 200 300 400 600
 Injection Capacity cc 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000
 Injection pressure kgf/cm² 1350 1350 1350 1350 1500
 Operation table size mm 400*400 550*560 700*700 700*700 850*850
 Min. Mold Thickness mm 50 100 100 100 100
 Plunger stroke  mm 350 400 400 400 500
 Distance of Thermo-  plate  mm 400~500 500~600 500~600 500~600 600~700
 Distance of Tie bar  mm 515*230 640*310 820*395 820*390 970*500
Die sinking type 2RT-3RT-4RT-Upper Ejector-Lower Ejector
 Max. Operating Pressure Mpa 20 20 20 20 20
 Motor Power hp 10(7.5kw) 15(11kw) 15(11kw) 15(11kw) 20(15kw)
 Electric Heating Power Kw 10 15.3 24 24 29.75
 Total Power Kw 20.5 30.3 39 39 48.75
 Gross weight Ton 6.5 8 9.5 11 14.5
 Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1600*2100*2800 1800*2550*3100 2000*2700*3200 2000*2700*3200 2200*2800*3500

Working Principle

The working principle of the vertical rubber injection machine is similar to that of the horizontal rubber injection machine, which involves the steps of heating, injecting, cooling, and taking out of rubber, etc. The control of the injection process is realized through the setting of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed as follows:

Heating: Solid rubber granules or lumps will be put into the hopper of the injection machine, which will be heated and processed to transform it into a molten state that can be injected.

Injection: The rubber material, which has reached the molten state, is injected into the mold under the high-pressure push of the screw, filling every void in the mold evenly.

Cooling and curing: after the injection is completed, the mold remains closed under the action of the tightening unit, and the rubber is cooled and cured in the mold.

Mould opening: after the rubber has cured, the mold is opened by the mold clamping unit, and the final rubber product is taken out.

Vertical Injection Molding Machines

Key Advantages and Features

Vertical rubber injection machines have some specific advantages and features over horizontal injection machines, making them more suitable for specific rubber product production.

Small footprint: Because of its vertical structure, it occupies less floor space, making it suitable for production environments with limited space.

High production efficiency: as the injection process is vertical, under the effect of the gravity factor, it helps the rubber material to fill the mold more smoothly and improve the injection efficiency.

Convenient installation and replacement of molds: the moulds are installed from above the equipment, and the molds are opened vertically during the injection process, which makes it easier to install and replace the molds.

High injection precision: the injection direction is vertical which helps to precisely control the flow of rubber material and improve the precision and consistency of material molding.

Adaptation and special process requirements: Due to its vertical injection direction and structure, it is more adaptable to some special process requirements.

Vertical Injection Molding Machines

Injection Machine Application

Rubber seals manufacturing: Horizontal rubber injection can be used to produce various rubber seals, such as rubber gaskets, O-rings and so on.

Medical equipment: used to manufacture rubber parts for medical equipment, such as hoses, rubber seals and so on.

Rubber gasket manufacturing: manufacturing for pipelines, valves, etc. to play the role of sealing and cushioning rubber gaskets.

Rubber vibration isolators: products used to reduce vibration and shock in construction, industrial equipment and other industries.

Consumer goods manufacturing: used in the production of a variety of consumer goods, such as rubber gloves, rubber soles, rubber toys.

Cable and Wire Accessories Manufacturing: Rubber products used in the production of cable and wire accessories, such as wire insulation.


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