Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Optimize tire recycling with Crowns Machinery’s Semi-Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine. Strike a balance between efficiency and control in the recycling process. Transform waste into valuable resources with our innovative semi-automatic solution.

Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine for processing waste tyres and converting them into reusable products or raw materials. The line combines automated technology with manual operations, requiring operator monitoring and intervention to achieve proper line operation and product quality. The introduction of automation technology has helped to increase efficiency, while manual operations still play an irreplaceable and important role in some key steps.

Tire Recycling Machine-Crowns Machinery


Ring cutter

Item Specification Detailed picture
Motor power 5kw
Rotate speed 46.8 r/min
Max Diameter of tyre 1200mm
Dimension 1100*900*1700mm
Weight 290kg

Purpose :To cut the steel ring from the tyre.This machine mainly used to cut the sidewall of steel wire tire, and then to the next step of segmentation. First, put the tire on the platform, then rotate the hand wheel, the three claws will stick the inner tire firmly. Second, starting power. Work platform will rotation, cutting tool according to need to cut tire slowly step by step, until the tire side cut off.

Strips cutter

Item Specification Detailed picture
Motor power 5.5kw
Rotate speed 18.4 r/min
Disc Diameter 380mm
Dimension 1290*870*1550mm
Weight 660kg

Purpose: To cut the old tyre in to strip.Strips cutting machine can cut cycle machine to remove the wire tire sidewall cut into strips, and the width of the adjustable section. Two circular knives for special materials, hard and durable, can be used repeatedly grinding for no more than 1200 steel tires.

XKP 400 Double-roll rubber crusher

Item Specification Detailed picture
Working Diameter of Front Roll 400mm
Working Diameter of Back Roll 400mm
Roller surface length 600mm
Roll speed ratio 01:01.4
The front roll linear 23.2m/min
Maximum roll distance 8mm
capacity 600-800kg/h with
3-5mm rubber granule
dimension(L*W*H) 3950*1800*1780mm
Main motor 65kw
weight 7000KG

Purpose:Used to break waste tire block into 1-30mesh rubber power and separate.the steel wire from the rubber block at the same time.

Features:The rollers adopt alloy cold hardcast irons, wear-resisting durable, have a double clean rollers, single ditch roller, double-ray roller of points. Mill flour be teeth, high. Can automatic grinding, hit back and forth required mesh of powder.

Working Principle

Inspection and Classification: Waste tires need to be inspected and classified before entering the production line to identify the type, size, degree of wear and tear of the tires, and other information, to prepare for the subsequent process of processing.

Cutting and crushing: tyres after inspection enter the production line, where semi-automated cutting and crushing equipment cuts the tires into small pieces or particles, a process that involves tire cutters and tire crushers, among others.

Magnetic separation: metal parts such as steel wires that may be contained in the shredded pieces are screened and separated through magnetic separation and screening equipment.

Fibre Separation: Fibre materials etc. are separated from rubber by fibre separation equipment.

Fine Processing: The crushed tire chips are further processed according to different production requirements to obtain finer and more uniform particles.

Final application: the final processed tire particles are used as raw materials in different fields to produce various rubber products, building materials, etc., which are widely used.

Tire Recycling Machine-Crowns Machinery

features and advantages

Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine introduces automation technology and effectively combines mechanical and manual operation, making the processing of waste tires more efficient and economical, with remarkable features and advantages:

Low operation cost: Semi-automated production line has lower investment and operation costs compared with fully automated production line, especially adapted to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Low maintenance cost: Compared with a fully automated production line, a semi-automated production line requires less maintenance, which helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Gradual upgrading: Semi-automated production line allows enterprises to gradually introduce more automation elements according to their strength, to meet the growing demand for production capacity, the enterprise capital investment is more flexible.

Adapt to small-scale production: Semi-automated production lines are more suitable for small-scale production, which is a better choice for start-ups with smaller production requirements.

Flexibility: Semi-automated production lines allow operators to flexibly adjust and monitor the production process according to actual needs, making it easier to meet the processing needs of different types of tyres.

Customizable: semi-automated lines are easier to customize to meet the needs of different types and sizes of production.

Tire Recycling Machine-Crowns Machinery

Application Fields

Semi-automatic waste tyre recycling line plays an irreplaceable role in reducing environmental pollution, resource recycling and promoting sustainable development, widely used as follows:

Recycled rubber production: waste tyres are processed into recycled rubber granules, which can be further used to produce new rubber products, such as rubber mats, rubber moulds, rubber flooring, etc.

Road construction: rubber granules can be used in asphalt concrete for road construction to improve road performance.

Building materials: rubber granules are mixed with building materials to produce environmentally friendly building materials.

Sports and playground surfaces: rubber granules are widely used to manufacture artificial turf infill and running track surfaces, etc.

Other resource recovery: Through the process of recycling waste tyres, valuable and usable resources such as metals and fibres can be effectively recovered from them.

Semi-automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine-Crowns Machinery

After-sales service

Training service: Provide training on the use and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Remote technical support: provide telephone, video conference, and other remote technical support for customers to solve the problems encountered in the use of equipment

Spare parts supply: Provide original spare parts, to replace damaged parts in time when necessary.

Equipment upgrading and improvement: provide equipment technology upgrading and improvement services to ensure that the equipment always keeps up with the latest technological developments.

24-hour on-line consulting service, at any time for customers to solve after-sales problems.


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