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Frame Plate Vulcanizing Press, one of the types of Vulcanising Machines, is a specialized piece of industrial equipment used in the rubber and tire manufacturing industry to vulcanize and cure rubber compounds for the production of a wide range of rubber products, including tires, conveyor belts, rubber gaskets, and other rubber components, to improve their elasticity and durability against various environmental factors.

Frame Plate Rubber Vulcanizing Press | Rubber Machinery


Type XLB-D(Y)1000*1000*1 XLB-D(Y)1200*1200*1 XLB-D(Y)1500*1500*1
Nominal molding power 1.60-2.00MN 3.15MN 4.00-5.00MN
Working layer number 1 1 1
Piston stroke 250-500mm 250-500mm 250-500mm
Main motor power 3.0kW 3.0kW 3.0kW
Plate clearance 125-500mm 125-500mm 125-500mm
Heating method Steam,electricity Steam,electricity Steam,electricity
Configuration Frame Frame Frame
Electric heating power 12kW 15.6kW 27kW

Structural Features

The design of a frame vulcanizing machine, incorporating factors such as size, capacity, heating capacity, and control features, varies according to the size and requirements of the specific rubber product. Its main structural components and features are as follows:

Frame: Used to provide structural support for the whole machine and to withstand high pressure and high temperature during the vulcanization process.

Heating Plate: A metal plate in direct contact with the rubber material which is large and heavy and is heated to the required temperature to promote the vulcanization reaction.

Control Panel: Used to set and monitor various parameters such as temperature and pressure during the vulcanization process.

Hydraulic System: Provides the high pressure required for vulcanization and is used to control the pressure of the heated plates.

Heating system: Provides precise temperature control for the vulcanization process, heating can be by electricity or steam.

Product features and advantages

High quality of production materials: our Frame Plate Vulcanizing Press, frame plate consists of high-quality 45 steel, after quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness and wear resistance have been greatly improved; the top beam and the bottom plate template adopt high-quality Q-235A ductile iron welding process, after welding, high-temperature aging treatment is adopted to eliminate the internal stresses, to effectively avoid the deformation; the plunger is made of LG-P cold hardened alloy steel, with high surface hardness, abrasion resistance, and long service life. Long service life.

Good sealing performance: our vulcanizing machine cylinder adopts the best sealing structure, reasonable design, and reliable function. The seals are made of high-quality polyurethane seals, oil-resistant and aging-resistant.

Automatic control: the vulcanizing machine can automatically close, open, exhaust, heat, and keep the temperature stable, and can automatically set the vulcanizing time and automatic alarm.

Safety guarantee: infrared sensors are installed on both sides of the vulcanizing machine to guarantee the personal safety of the operators.

Tailor-made and worry-free after-sales service: We have an advanced design team, that can formulate satisfactory solutions for you at any time; meanwhile, we have a professional after-sales team, that can assist you in solving any after-sales problems at any time.

Frame Plate Rubber Vulcanizing Press | Rubber Machinery


Vulcanizaton of rubber products: Frame Plate Vulcanizing Press is usually used to vulcanise unvulcanised rubber products, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing their elasticity and abrasion resistance. Such as road speed bumps, etc.

Tyre manufacturing: the equipment can be used to vulcanise various parts of tyres, such as tread, sidewall and inner liner, so it is adapted to the tyre manufacturing industry of various cars, trucks and bicycles.

Manufacture of rubber seals: The equipment is used to produce and make various rubber parts that need to be moulded and ensure sealing performance through vulcanizaton, such as gaskets, o-rings, seals and so on.

Manufacture of reflective material products: The unique dual-temperature station structure and high-pressure characteristics of this equipment make it suitable for the production and manufacture of various reflective material products, such as trademarks.

R&D and production of rubber products: The equipment is also used for R&D of new types of rubber products, and can be used for mass production and testing.

Frame Plate Vulcanizing Press-Crowns machinery

Quality Control Process

Design link: First, the design team will design the drawing for the customer strictly according to the size, material, and working capacity of the vulcanizing machine, and the design ensures that it meets the standard and safety requirements.

Material Purchase: The second department strictly controls the material, all the purchased raw materials such as metal components, heating elements, hydraulic systems control panels, etc., before entering the factory for use must be strictly quality inspected by the quality inspection department, and can only be used into the production process after passing the inspection.

Production and assembly: Each component of the vulcanizing machine needs to be assembled and debugged before delivery to ensure its normal operation before delivery.

Production quality inspection: Quality inspection personnel will follow the production process at any time to carry out proportionate sampling, to ensure that the product size and quality of each production step are in line with customer requirements.

Safety performance check of the equipment: the safety devices of the vulcanizing machine are all guaranteed to meet the safety standards, being will be tested for safety before leaving the factory to ensure that the equipment is effective in case of emergency.

Function and performance test of the equipment: Verify the temperature, pressure, and time control of the vulcanizing machine are accurate and effective, and guarantee the stable and reliable performance of the equipment.

Documentation: All the records of testing and control in the process of purchasing and production are organized and filed on time according to the company’s regulations, to be ready for inspection.

After-sales training and quality tracking: after the delivery of the product, provide customers with equipment operation and maintenance training, customers who have any problem feedback, are guaranteed to provide technical support within 24 hours.


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