3 Roll Calender Machine

Crowns Machinery’s 3 Roll Calender Machine combines precision engineering with cutting-edge technology, ensuring unparalleled performance and quality. Elevate your production capabilities with this state-of-the-art solution.

3 Roll Calender Machine For Sale

3 Roll Calender Machine is a calender specification for processing rubber, plastic, silicone or other materials. Its main function is to continuously stretch the raw material or rubber material to obtain the desired thickness, width and surface finish. These calenders usually have three rolls, which can be of different diameters, shapes and surface textures to meet different material and processing requirements.

It usually consists of three rolls arranged in parallel, namely: feed roll, calender roll and discharge roll. The rubber compound is first fed into the machine via the infeed rolls, then the calendering rolls apply pressure to squeeze the material in the working area. Through the calendering step, the compound becomes progressively thinner and its surface texture changes. The calendered material is discharged from the discharge roller.

Automatic Three Roll Calender -Crowns Machinery


Parameter/model XY-3-250 XY-3-360 XY-3-400 XY-3-450 XY-3-560 XY-3-610 XY-3-810
Roll diameter (mm) 250 360 400 450 560 610 810
Roll working length (mm) 720 1120 1200 1400 1650 1730 2130
Ratio of rubber speed 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1.5:1 1:1.5:1 1:1.4:1 1:1:1
Roll speed (m/min) 2-15.9 3-20 3-26 2.6-26.2 3-30 5.4-54 3-30
Nip adjust range (mm) 0-6 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-15 0.5-25 0.2-25
Motor power (KW) 22 45 55 75 110 160 132x3
Size (mm) Length 3950 5400 5600 7013 7200 7987 8690
Width 1110 1542 1400 1595 1760 1860 3139
Height 1810 2440 2520 2900 3800 3950 5050
Weight (KG) 5500 14000 18000 21000 35000 42000 110000

Structural Features

Three-roll structure: Usually consists of three rolls, which are the core of the machine.

Roll surface texture: The roll surface has a specific texture to change the surface characteristics of the material, which can be designed according to specific requirements.

Roller Diameter and Length: The diameter and length of each roller can be customized for specific applications. Usually the infeed rollers are smaller and the calendering and discharge rollers are larger. The diameter of the rollers determines the thickness of the rubber compound.

Roller material: the rollers are made of high quality alloy steel, cast iron and other materials. It can resist abrasion and corrosion.

Roller gap adjustment device: This device can be realized by hydraulic system or manual adjustment, which enables the operator to precisely adjust the distance between the rollers to control the thickness of the processed material.

Feeding System: This system allows the introduction of raw material into the machine either automatically or manually.

Drive system: The electric motor provides sufficient torque and speed to ensure the smooth running of the rollers.

Control system: This system can monitor and adjust the position and pressure of the rollers in real time to ensure the precision of processing.

Safety devices: The machine is equipped with emergency stop button, safety fence and other protective devices to ensure the safety of operators.

Automatic Three Roll Calender -Crowns Machinery

3 Roll Calender Advantages

Customizability: The three-roller rubber calender can be customized by choosing different diameters and surface textures according to specific work requirements.

Controllability: By adjusting the pressure and clearance of the rollers, the thickness and texture of the rubber can be precisely controlled.

Efficiency: The calender can produce a large amount of material continuously, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Versatility: The machine has a wide range of applications in material processing and is suitable for many types of materials, such as rubber, plastic, silicone, food and so on. This versatility makes it suitable for almost all production needs.

Environmentally friendly: the 3 Roll Calender Machine can be equipped with a recycling system to minimize energy waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

Stability: the machines are usually very robust, capable of continuous operation, stable performance and long service life, but requiring less maintenance.

Automatic Three Roll Calender -Crowns Machinery

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