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2 Roll Calender Machine is one of the specifications of rubber calender, as a kind of industrial machinery, it is mainly used in rubber processing industry to produce rubber sheet and film by continuously processing the rubber compound. The key components of this machine are two large rubber calenders. The two-roll rubber calender is usually more cost-effective and suitable for small and medium-sized production plants due to its relatively simple structure.

Two roll rubber calender works by adjusting the distance between the two rolls and clamping the material, then the material is pressed into the desired thickness and shape by the rotation of the two rolls.

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Parameter/Model XY-2-250 XY-2-360 XY-2-400 XY-2-450 XY-2-560 XY-2-610 XY-2-810
Roll Diameter (mm) 250 360 400 450 560 610 810
Roll Working Length (mm) 720 1120 1200 1400 1650 1730 2130
Ratio of Rubber Speed 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1
Roll Speed (m/min) 1.2-12 3-20.2 4-23 2.5-24.8 2-18.7 4-36 2-20
Nip Adjust Range (mm) 0-6 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-15 0.5-25 0.2-25
Motor Power (kw) 15 37 45 55 75 90 160
Size (mm) Length 3950 5400 5600 7013 7200 7987 8690
Width 1110 1542 1400 1595 1760 1860 3139
Height 1590 1681 2450 2460 2760 2988 4270
Weight (KG) 5000 11500 12500 14000 24000 30000 62000

Main features

Rollers: The core of the machine is a pair of large rollers made of hardened steel. The two rollers are usually heated to handle the rubber material and are usually cooled internally to control the temperature.

Calendering process: The rubber is usually fed into the gap between the two rollers, and as the rollers rotate in opposite directions, the rubber is compressed and molded. The thickness of the output can be varied by adjusting the gap between the rolls.

Temperature Control: Accurate temperature control is essential to obtain the desired characteristics of the final product. The rolls can be heated or cooled to soften the rubber material or to set the characteristics of the material to make the process easier.

Roller Speed Control: The speed of the rollers can be adjusted and controlled to achieve different rubber thicknesses and surface finishes.

Safety and security: Safety system is an important part of industrial machinery. In order to prevent accidents, rubber calenders are usually equipped with emergency stops, guards and other safety systems to ensure safe operation.

Suitable for specific applications: two-roll rubber calenders are usually used for specific applications, such as rubber products, plastic sheet production, textile calendering and so on.

China 2 Roll Rubber Calender Factory And Manufacturers

2 Roll Calender Advantages

2 Roll Calender Machine has its unique advantages in rubber processing:

Quick drum change: the 2 roll calender has a design for easy drum change, which makes it easier to process different materials.

Energy saving: Compared with some other rubber processing methods, two roller rubber calendering machine is usually able to complete the processing with lower energy consumption and save cost due to its simple structure.

Good material processing performance: Two roll rubber calender can effectively process rubber products to deform and refine them to meet different requirements, such as the processing of tires, rubber mats, hoses and tapes.

Calendering uniformity: the rollers of the two-roller calender can be precisely controlled to ensure uniform deformation of the rubber material in the calendering process, which is conducive to improving the performance of the final products.

Multifunctionality: The machine can perform various operations such as extruding, calendering, cutting and embossing of rubber. Its multifunctionality makes the two-roller calender more versatile.

Quality control: The operator can precisely control the size and thickness of the rubber sheet by adjusting the roller pitch and temperature to ensure product consistency and satisfaction.

Efficient production: despite its relatively simple structure, the two-roll rubber calender can still process materials efficiently and increase productivity.

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